Hilda Supreme Bobs Team


Hilda Supreme Bobs Team

пол:   female / кошка

окрас: красный тигровый с белым ( d 23 09 )

шерсть: KBS / короткошёрстная



Нашла свою семью в

    г. Тюмень





And our little kitty with the fabulous name Hilda has a unique temperament. A cat that understands you perfectly. Hilda is as loving as possible, attacks anyone with her feelings. Of course, outwardly, Hilda, like all shorthairs, is very attractive. The color is in the "tiger cub" style, but with the addition of juicy, as if she were wearing boots :) There is also a zest in the look - this is a stick-tail with kinks and bends, but it looks as funny as a pod. In a word, a kitten for those who want something unusual in their home, wants a unique friend and pet in the family.

The kitten is vaccinated twice with imported vaccines, gelmitized, it xhas an international veterinary passport. Pedigree received.

Hilda is already accustomed to the tray and scratching post without any complaints.
The kitten will be ready to leave the cattery for your home after December 15th. By the way, the best gift for the New Year holidays.

Delivery to any city in Russia.

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