Helley Supreme Bobs Team

ддддДата рождения: 10/08/2021

пол: female / кошка

окрас: красный мраморный с белым

(d 22 09)

шерсть: короткошёрстная (KBS)

Нашла свою семью в г. Москва


Thoroughbred, marbled, extremely affectionate - and that's all about her, Halle Supreme Bobs Team!  A beauty for those who dream of an extraordinary kitten, in the form of which the whole Kurilian Bobtail is embodied.  The short-haired variation of the coat emphasizes this fact like nothing else.  Mini-lynx, hare, companion - and these capacious words are also about baby Halle.  Suitable for a family with children and animals, will give her immense love and affection to the whole family.  Will be a devoted friend.  The kitten has an excellent pedigree, famous ancestors and a unique character.

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